About us


Lancaster Auto Group has been a car dealership since 2000 and for 14 years we have provided an unparallel and unique experience to our buyers. We made it our aim to provide our customers with the preference they hoped to attain and delivering on our promise to fulfill their needs. LA Group, over the years, has developed an integral relationship with its buyers based on trust and delivery and is one of the fastest growing car dealerships in its area.

Our mission is to whole heartedly satisfy our clients and buyers by providing them with quality pre-owned standardized vehicles in a blend of friendly and professional manner that has led to repeating customers. We pride ourselves on establishing a firm and trustworthy relationship with all our clients and being an A+ BBB trusted dealer throughout your neighborhood.

What makes us special is the way we conduct our business. We are known to deliver high end lucrative deals that ensure our clients wellbeing. The main issue when buying a pre-owned vehicle is trusting in its maintenance and we eliminate this doubt altogether when we deliver reconditioned and well maintained cars of your liking. Most of our vehicles are local and we guarantee their performance and their delivery with full vehicle history report and passed safety inspection. We at LA Group have a diverse and great selection of quality vehicles to choose from and that's not all. We have fresh inventories as well as cater to personal requests locating any vehicle of your choice.

And when it comes to sealing the deal, we offer upfront pricing and a professional staff that will aid in your decision making. We believe in taking care of our customers even after which includes providing them with extended warranties and leasing options with financial lending. So visit our website and see what we have in store for you.